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Advanced Technology Advisory Services

Business Roadmapping©

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You sit in a monthly board meeting of a portfolio company that is so close. Right product and market.

How do you get the company to the next level of performance?

That is exactly what ATAS does.

  • We guarantee we can take your company to the next level of sales and profitability
  • We work with your existing senior management team to deliver results
  • We guarantee results because we do the work with them
  • We are not general consultants

What is your end game...

Double sales?

Valuation for Merger or Acquisition?

  • Business Roadmapping© provides our clients a clear picture of their corporate mission and goals combined with a present & future view of where they are against those goals
  • ATAS builds a Roadmap with you that accelerates valuation of your business
  • Prepares for merger or acquisition
  • Market Share Capture Program© Example: 50% growth year over year


How do you fast track sales and capture significant market share in rapid time?


  • Traditional business partners: Not producing, not growing and holding back your company's performance? “Business as usual”
  • Business Development: Major partners and OEM relationships do not produce significant revenues in rapid time
  • Expense trap: you must add headcount and expenses to achieve incremental sales
  • Time trap: it takes forever to develop a high revenue national account or OEM agreement

ATAS Business Roadmapping© Solutions

  • Guaranteed ROI on time
  • Rapid time to market: Partners that work for you
  • New business Development model that delivers business in all major regions with low capital expense requirements
  • Increase sales force effectiveness at a fraction of the cost
  • Maximizes your top accounts and develops new accounts with access to decision makers
  • Market share Capture and Incremental shareholder ROI
  • Positions your Brand as a sales leader to maximize market value 

Go to the next Board or management meeting with a solution, a Business Roadmap© that guarantees how sales will grow and a plan that positions you to be a Market Leader.

Portfolio Companies excel with Business Roadmapping©

  • Provides a single picture of the health of your business
  • Clear Expectations
  • Acts in the interest of the Board
  • Focused on ROI - EVERY DAY!
  • Not emotionally attached
  • Execution focused on Valuation, Acquisition and increased Exit Strategy Payout.

Contact us at [email protected] or 727-424-5780

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